Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Something Old Something New

  • Something New
I just looked at the pictures of my Grand daughter, Sarah Rose Ott on her blog. Yes, can you believe it? She's got her own blog. It's administered by her very capable mother, my daughter Melissa. I had to laugh at a couple of the pictures, they were funny in that cute kid like way. One of them though was a crack up. There she was, in full Easter Sunday regalia, hunting for Easter Eggs. That part wasn't funny but it sure is cute. The funny part was where she was sitting in her beautiful Easter dress complete with the white ruffle-butted stockings and white church shoes on. Squarely plopped down in the dirt. She must be related to me. Tammy and I both got a good laugh out of that. I guess she really enjoyed the hunt although I think she enjoyed the goodies that were in the plastic eggs.

  • Something Old and New

Most of you are aware of my affinity to photography. Lately I have been active in a digital photography forum. Digital Photography School or DPS, an on line community of photo buffs from around the globe. I have recently made friends in Myanmar, Malaysia, the UK and all over the USA. It's pretty cool stuff. I post my photos to the share your shots forum and get comments from all over the world. It's pretty amazing what people like and/or don't like. Take a look at my most recent thread and have a gander at some of the comments. DPS also sports all kinds of instructive and how-to articles on all phases and aspects of photography geared to all levels of photogs from the novice to the professional. There's something there for all.

  • Something that's just plain old

That would be me and my urinary woes. Thankfully, I have been feeling better and better as the weeks go by. The last 2 weeks I have felt better than I have felt since Christmas. The drainage pipes seem to be slowly getting better at producing the correct amount in the right amount of time. As of the last test, I was infection free. I never in a million years thought something as basic and as simple as being able to pee would bring such joy and pleasure but, it sure does. An Old Guy thing? LOL, you betcha! Beginning 2 weeks ago, in their infinite lack of wisdom my employer saw fit to put me on graveyard shift. So, the 10 or so years i spent on this miserable shift were not enough to acquaint me with how to run things at night. At least in so many words that's what I'm being told. Another Old Guy thing? You betcha! They have younger less experienced people they want to groom for other higher paying positions for the day shift posts. How long? I don't know. It could be anywhere from another 2 weeks to another 4 months. I think it will become longer. With this city it's always longer. One thing that's good about this: none of the idiots that put me here are working at night. Also, when things go awry as they quite often do in a poorly maintained and old facility like this, I get to call them and wake them up! That makes me happy... Jibes from the plant that time forgot.

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